Blueberry Tarts for Goodbye


It was around 5:30 of Friday afternoon, I came home from Elbi. 4 hrs remaining and we will travel to airport cos mom, lil sis and my brother will spend the rest of the year abroad.

Before they fly away, I already thought of something to give for them. And yeah, I wanted to bake some goodies for them. Since I was still feeling tired from a 5-hour trip, I rested first for an hour then went to grocery to buy some ingredients. I started baking around 7:45 and finished it by 9:30PM.

Geez! I was really glad that I finished it before we went to airport. It really feels good that they love my tarts. But. Actually, I was not satisfied with what I baked cos the filling I used didnt taste scrumptious. It was like something is missing. Sweetness maybe? I will not use that filling ever again. I only bought it from grocery cos I didnt have time to cook for it. One more thing, I also forgot to put some toppings like cashew nuts, peanuts or any decoration bcos I was really in a hurry. So yeah, I was kinda disappointed w myself. Haha.

But overall, they loved it especially the crust I made. Well, I asked them what tasted better. The strawberry tart I made last January or these blueberry tarts. No wonder they answered ‘strawberry tarts’. They admitted that the blueberry filling was kind of ‘matabang’ but the taste of the whole tart was compensated by its crust. Still, it is delicious. Hihi. I was flattered. I also felt happy cos they appreciated the time, effort and the thought I alloted in making these tarts.

It was funny cos mom even shared these tarts to Tito Joey and Tita Julie. I was really shy cos y’know, I was not satisfied with my sweet creations so they might also feel the same. But hell no, they liked it. Hihi. Next time, I will learn how to make a filling on my own.

Hi! It has been a while, eh? I missed many things. But Im happy to announce that this gonna be my first blog post. Real blog post. Haha. I’ll share more of my baking stories as soon as I got the momentum.
So guys, if you have any comment or suggestion, message me at Thanks! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blueberry Tarts for Goodbye

  1. Hi! You make those little tarts looks so pretty and delicious 🙂

    Thank you very much for sharing and I hope you paste some more of these along with ur wonderful pictures and lovely recipes and instruction.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello periwinkleee! Your first real blog turned out beautiful and I never thought my comment could be this sweet like your strawberry tarts. hahah!

    What model of microwave oven did u use? I would love to follow your recipe. Thank you in advance. My email is


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