Day 03: The First Time You Baked

The first time I baked was the first time I fell in love. 

I had my puppy love when I was in 3rd year high school. We were never been a couple but he always made me feel beautiful and special. He was the first guy who made me understand the “kilig” feeling. So, as to show my gratefulness, I got inspired to make something for him. It was our JS Prom Night and it was also the day that I learned how to bake. I was only 15 yrs old back then. Haha! The special feeling w that guy did not last but the magical feeling that I discovered in making sweets is still here in my heart, and no one can ever take away that from me. 

What did I bake? A crema de fruita! Bread roll, too!  I learned it from my brother’s wife. (Hi Ate Dess!! ❤️)

 PS. It was not really baking cos no oven was used. But I find it as a pre-step in baking. Hihi! And thanks for this experience cos I realized my dream. ♥️

PPS. It was a no bake crema de fruita or others call it as ref cake. If you want the recipe, you can message me. It was really simple and easy to make but the effect of it was special. You will find joy in making sweets and seeing other people smile through your creations. 🙂


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