Bedtime Stories


It is 3:02 ante meridiem, 14th of January year 2015.

“If you love your child, let them journey.”

I am watching Yumeiro Pâtissière. This anime caught my attention not only because of the word ‘pastry’ but because of Ichigo, the protagonist. I could somehow see myself in her, a girl who has love for sweets and dreams to make people smile through sweet treats. I am a junior in college, studying Economics. I’ve always wanted to go to a culinary school and be a pastry chef and/or have my own pastry shop. But my family especially my Dad keeps telling me I shouldn’t and that anyone can cook & bake.. Sometimes, I really feel down and don’t know what to do. 😦  I’m watching Yumeiro Patisserie, maybe  I can find the answer..

Ichigo: I want to become a  Pâtissière. I want to be like Grandma who made people smile with her…

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