Free Baking Class for Kids <3

Dreams do come true! It has always been my dream to organize and/or conduct a workshop for kids and anyone who has a passion in baking cos I want to spread happiness and inspire other people just like what Ma’am Badet and Ma’am Weng did to me.  Finally, it came true, and I am very happy and honored!! 🙂

Anw, who would have thought that these kids would inspire me too? Ha-ha! They inspired me to teach more and explore more!


Our shop is now open!!! Do you mind if we have rockstar bakers? 😀

Okay, I would admit they are so kulit and always teasing each other. But what I like the most in them is their curiosity. They would always ask me about different things in baking such as

“Ano ‘to, Ate Diane?,” “Ano yung APF?”,” “Bakit nilalagyan ng baking soda?,” “Para saan yung egg?” 

And whenever I get a tool or they would see something that they are not familiar with, they would not hesitate to ask me the name and use of that thing. Interest. There really is a deep interest flowing in their blood. I could feel that they really want to learn and know the art of baking. And if ganun ba naman ka-passionate yung tuturuan mo, sinong hindi mag-eenjoy? 🙂 And guess what? I even had an oral quiz for them and they were very excited to answer. Nag-uunahan pa eh. Hehe 🙂  I noticed that Mylboy has an advanced math skills, Ysa has a good memorization skill, and Jareth has an advanced knowledge in baking concepts and tools for their age. Plus, we had our hugots (I will share it in another blog post) during our baking time so I really really enjoyed baking w them. Hindi namin ramdam yung pagod kasi nagtatawanan na lang kami. 🙂

Speaking of baking, what we baked were chewy crinkles and chocolate chip cookies (or triple C according to Mylboy hehe).

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Look how beautiful it is! This is especially made by the three kids for our grandmother because it is her birthday. How sweeeet! ❤

And, I will never ever stop teaching and sharing my knowledge in baking. Why? Ano pa bang mas hihigit sa mga salitang,


 “Ang dami namin natutunan sayo, Ate Diana.”

“Salamat Diane. Kahit busy ka sa work may time ka parin para sa kanila (ysa,mylbert & Jareth). Super enjoy sila jan sa inyo… Thanks for inspiring your cousins and being such a role model to them. “

Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam. 🙂 And Im really really thankful to these kids for their funny hugots, my parents for allowing me to conduct workshop in our house, and of course, to God for blessing me this wonderful talent.

PS. This was my second time to bake w kids (12-13 yrs. old). I will share some other time the story of my first baking class w kids (8-10 yrs. old). I hope this is only just the beginning. I am looking forward for more baking class, workshop with anyone who has a passion in baking! Hi-hi 🙂




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